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Australian Supplier of Native Seeds and Seed Collection, Processing and Planting Equipment

Kimseed Australia is a diverse Company founded on the supply of native seed and the provision of environmental and revegetation related products and services to both the Australian and International market.

With continued development and a 'can do' attitude we have increased our design and workshop capabilities to enable us to manufacture a wide variety of high quality seed harvesting, seed processing, and seed planting Equipment.

Many of our clients at Kimseed buy and sell secondhand seed collection, cleaning, and planting equipment.

Please contact us at with details of the equipment you have for sale or would like to purchase.

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Our Featured Machines:

Vacuum Separator  ZigZag Aspirator

  Brush Harvester

Seed Cleaner MK3 Kimseed Multi-Thresher CW09 Linkage Tree Planter Cone Seeder
  Aluminium Sieves Pottiputki Planter Cone Seeding Camel Pitter  


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