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Kimseed was established in the Kimberley region of North Western Australia by Stephen Hill in 1970 to provide soil conservation & establishment technologies and pasture seed for revegetation of arid areas.

Trading as Kimberley Seeds, the company recognised that many land users are only able to invest in landcare providing there is a commercial return for their investment. The business designed innovative seeding,  harvesting and cleaning  equipment and provided new techniques for plant establishment under difficult soil and climatic conditions.

In 1974 signs were emerging of an export market for seed and soil conservation technology. Stephen Hill visited Kuwait, Iraq, UAE and Iran in 1975 and saw huge potential for a full-time export operation and in 1979 an opportunity arose to sell seed for a Middle East rangeland regeneration project. It was clear that the client needed specialised tillage equipment suited to a rangeland environment so the company began design and production in earnest.

Kimseed continued to grow into other areas, with the first mine rehabilitation contract in 1976 for mining company Hamersley Iron in Northwest Western Australia.

Kimseed continues its development of superior products and services through intelligent recruitment, thorough market research and an underlying passion for sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. The introduction of on-line purchasing and a public prospectus for Eucalypt forestry plantations are just two exciting ventures we are planning for the future.

Through continued overseas project development, we aim to expose our Australian expertise to more markets and establish further profitable relationships in international trade. With a solid reputation and award success for projects in Asia and Middle Eastern countries, Kimseed International will continue to profit in the overseas marketplace.

Our commitments to community development with projects like the International Agricultural Exchange Association, Community Health in Indonesia and Australian sport sponsorship have always played significant roles within Kimseed.

Kimseed Australia is situated at its base in Wangara and provides equipment, materials and ongoing support for sustainable land management. The machinery designed and manufactured in Western Australia is used nation-wide and in over 100 countries.