Kimseed TV Camera Holder

The Kimseed TV Camera Holder is designed to effectively support a TV type Filming Camera so that vibration is eliminated and a steady image is achieved.

A combination of vertical and horizontal spring mechanisms and the use of high precision ball bearing runners results in a smooth operation under all conditions.

Fail Safe Connections have been incorporated to all coupled parts. The Fail Safe concept prevents joined components to separate by double locking connection points.

Engineered to comply with strictest aviation standards, the Kimseed Camera Holder has been certified by Australian Aviation Authorities. Please note that Certification is required on each individual unit. Kimseed will provide all required Technical Data and Drawings to meet Local Certification Requirements.

After much research the design of the Kimseed TV camera mount was formulated to provide a high quality unit which could be retrofitted into most Helicopters with ease and the minimum use of additional components.

The unit shown is in constant use by our local Television Network News team for their aerial shots.

Their Camera Man prefers the natural way in which he can follow moving or stationary objects with ease and due to the clever suspension design within the case all traces of vibration has been eliminated without the use of additional and bulky stabilising systems .

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