Kimseed Export World Wide Projects


Since 1975, Kimseed has exported its seed, machinery and technical services to developing nations. Today, over 100 countries have been supplied with Kimseed products and services.

Kimseed has provided equipment, training and integrated land management planning to Iran, Libya, Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries. Projects included Land Management, Forestry, Geophysical Information Systems, Hydrology, Agricultural Economics and Training.

A wide range of seed sowing, harvesting and processing equipment has been designed by Kimseed and supplied to many of these same markets, and included countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Basin.

Lately, Seed Planting and Processing Equipment has been supplied to USA, Italy and Spain. Other exports have included Grains and Lupin seeds to be used as Animal Feed mainly to Libya.

Having an extensive number of contacts in Australia and Overseas, gives us a wide variety of  sources to supply all sorts of items.

 We are happy to quote for shipments to just about any Country in the World and our network of shippers are on hand to provide the most competitive pricing available today.