Near Watheroo National Park, 3 blocks of immense botanical diversity.

            "This is one of the most natural bits of bushland I have everseen

                        -Land for Wildlife Officer (CAL




This property is approximately 220km north of Perth in the Shire of Moora, and is 38km from the Moora town site. Conservation Hill shares a border with the Watheroo National Park and is situated on the Namban West Road. This property has the benefits of a country position and lifestyle, whilst also being in close proximity to the ocean, the city and Moora, the 2001 Australian Community of the Year.

This property is a registered Bush for Wildlife Farm and has 1400 ha of pristine vegetation, a wetland system and an Australian native flower, foliage and seed farm. A 'biodiversity hotspot' that can be purchased whole or in 3 separate blocks.

Services available to the purchaser include farm and environmental management and use of farm facilities, (subject to sale of lot 1.)



Conservation Value:

Situated in the northern sandplain region, the second most botanically diverse area in the world (species/km2), the property is of great value to the preservation of Western Australia's biodiversity, and is on the Moora Wildflower Heritage Trail. A recent report by CALM (2002) stated that the property was suitable for participation in reintroduction programs for locally extinct mammalian species. A preliminary survey identified over 200 plant species on the block, but it has been estimated that a more accurate number would be 400, the same number that occurs in the adjacent Watheroo National Park.

Farm plant species with economic potential: Verticordia , Banksia, Eucalyptus, Anigozanthus, Melaleuca, Casuarina, Conospermum and Acacia. Sale of the farm can include a forward contract to supply seeds to Kimseed, one of the largest Australian native seed suppliers.




Expressions of interest are sought by the landowner.

If you would like further information regarding any aspect of this property, please don't hesitate to contact Stephen Hill +61 (8) 9409 2244 Work, +61 (8) 9409 5945 Home, or +61 (0) 418 446 448 Mobile,


Subdivided Farm Area (Ha.) Price ($AU)
Lot 1. (With accom.) 520 SOLD
Lot 2. 630 SOLD
Lot 3. 556 P.O.A.
Conservation Hill Area (Ha.)  
Entire Farm. 1706 P.O.A.



Farm Subdivision

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