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Kimseed Seed Machinery

Kimseed Machinery was born out of NEED. Soon after Kimseed begun selling seeds, NEEDS developed and seed customers and suppliers convinced Kimseed to go into THINKING AND DEVELOPING MODE as a result the Machinery/Workshop Division was formed.

So it was that with input from many of our initial seed customers and suppliers, we started developing seed harvesting, processing and seeding/planting equipment to accelerate seed production and collection and be able to meet seed quality and purity standards required by all concerned. Over the years this development has made of Kimseed a leading force in supplying a wide variety of seed management equipment to research institutions  and to large and small revegetation projects world Wide.

To mention but a few, Kimseed equipment is found in over 100 countries worldwide, specially in Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Italy, Spain, USA etc. Within Australia Kimseed equipment is present in most, if not all state agricultural departments, private research institutions and conservation management organisations including: Greening Australia, the Murray River Catchment Management Authority and many local governments.

We have developed a unique range of special purpose machines to specifically target problem areas like salt affected soils, deserts, and erosion Affected Land. Over the years and through user feedback, these machines have evolved into designs that are both strong and simple, but overall remain easy to maintain and operate.

The Australian-built Kimseed machinery has been designed and developed 'in house' and manufactured by our experienced staff, using locally sourced materials.

We  also  source and supply  specialist machinery from other manufacturers to order as and when requested from our customers. We have the ability to produce 'one off' trial machines for research use right through to multiple units used by developers and contractors alike.

For example click on the picture above for a Specially Designed Mine Seeder. Our customer required that the unit be mounted over the Scarifier tines on a large grader.


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