Kimseed has been supplying Seeds, Machinery, Consulting and Engineering services for sustainable land management projects to Australia and over 100 countries worldwide, since the company was founded in 1970. We design, manufacture and export over 25 of our own machines for Seed - Collection, Treatment, Establishment and Management. Kimseed also acts as Procurement Agents and has the ability to source an extensive range of machinery and equipment, products and services across a broad range of disciplines. We export, and service projects throughout the world.

Our experienced team of committed, resourceful and skilled professionals can deliver innovative and practical commercial solutions to ever changing environmental challenges. We offer the knowledge and advice gained from the many years of working in the rehabilitation and revegetation, mining, construction, agriculture and forestry industries, as well as from exporting and consulting to over 100 countries.

If the information details for a particular machine does not exactly suit your requirements, please let us know, we have developed most of our machines by developing them from needs put to us by you.


Kimseed has been a valuable contributor of practical solutions for many projects in harsh environments. Our skills and products have been demonstrated in these projects which include:

• Review of the implementation and results of existing projects,
• Agricultural or rangeland development projects
• Rangeland monitoring
• Management / renovation of existing degraded areas
• Forestry / woodlot development
• Catchment management and rehabilitation.
• Collection and supply of seed for revegetation operations.
• Establishment and operation of nurseries producing plants for revegetation operations.
• Design, construction and/or supply of specialised machinery for environmental projects.
• Biodiversity measurement, recovery and conservation.
• Research and training for dryland agricultural and rangeland development projects
• Design and rehabilitation of roadworks to minimise environmental effects
• Rehabilitation of existing old minesites causing environmental concern
• Establishment of locally based small businesses to carry out the work once the initial stages of the project are completed.



These projects include:

• Minesite rehabilitation, New Caledonia
• Development of construction Revegetation Program for the Batu Hijau mine, Indonesia
• Provision of seeding equipment to AusAID - funded forage development projects in China
• Supply of forage plant seed collection and planting equipment in Northern Iraq and Libya
• Integrated Land Management Project, Iraq
• Rangeland Project, Iran
• Forestry Rehabilitation project, FAO, Sudan
• Nuba Mountains Rural Development, Sudan
• Provision of aid project technicians to GTZ funded projects in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria
• FOA Rangelands Projects, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia
• Decommissioning BHP Mine, Kooolan Island
• Supervision, training and consulting services to Great Central Mines, Bronzewing and Jundee Gold Mines –Australia
• Airport dust control at Amman, Jordan; Kalgoorlie, Derby, Exmouth and Thevenard Island Western Australia
• Site preparation and erosion control, Kwinana Freeway extension – Perth Western Australia
• Management and revegetation of cleared and denuded Defence sites, Bindoon and Northam in Western Australia.

In 2004, Kimseed supplied equipment and know-how was purchased by K.I.S.R. - The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, in order for them to establish a Seedbank, and start the process of Revegetation and Restoration of Tar affected areas left after the country was invaded in the early nineties. Later information received states that this project is proceeding well, and soon a major program will commence at a much larger scale.


For custom designs or prototypes, conceptual ideas and development, Kimseed Engineering provides professional and original advice and service.
Our engineering and fabrication team has received extensive industry recognition including:
• The Rolex Award for Enterprise - Australia
• BHP Steel and Landcare Awards - Australia
• Austrade Small to Medium Innovative Manufacturer’s Award – State Winner Western Australia

Some of Kimseed Engineering’s successfully completed custom engineering projects include:

• Custom signage and Hidden Camera mountings at Burswood Resort - Western Australia.
• Computer Security Cabinets - WA Schools.
• Glass Mobile  Storage racks to improve Glass Storage and dispensing.
• Helicopter Ground Handling Trolleys - UAE Airforce and several Australian Companies.
• Special packing frames for containerisation.
• Camera in a pizza oven!.
• Heavy duty pottery tables for WA schools.
• Rolling Safety Steps and Safety Cages and other fabrications for Mining and Construction Companies including BHP-  Billiton and others.
• Sample grabs for sub-sea exploration.
• Oil rig baskets - Woodside
• Pneumatic coin feed for Perth Mint.
• World’s largest hanging basket (Guinness book of records 6.1m).
• Boat forklift – Malaysia.
• Forklift accessories.
• Road water spray tanks.


As well as being qualified, our staff, are practical, hands-on problem solvers, adaptable and able to work in conditions as harsh as the environments we are revegetating.

Key staff members include:

• Stephen Hill
  Managing Director, (B Ag Econ)

Greg Kessell
  Production Manager

• Charli Canavon
  Seed Department


Kimseed has established relationships with international organisations, which manage projects in Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and the Middle East, including:

• AusAID
• The United Nations (FAO, UNDP, UNOPS and IFAD)
• GTZ Germany (Deutsche Gesellschaft fόr Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH)
• CIRAD (French scientific organization specialising in agricultural research for the tropics and subtropics of the world)
• WA Overseas Projects Authority (now AGWEST International)
• SAGRIC International Pty Ltd
• Coffey MPW Pty Ltd
• AACM (now operating as URS)
• ACIL Consulting Pty Ltd
• Hassal & Associates
• Curtin University Centre for the Management of Arid Environments
• GRM International
• Halcrow ULG
• KISR, Kuwait
• ICARDA in Syria, Arabian Gulf and North Africa
• International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, Dubai
• DANIDA Danish Aid (Danida Tree Seed Centre)

We have strong relationships with other Western Australian and Australian companies which provide input and support us in our overseas projects including:

• Solar Energy Systems: Solar pumping, desalination and electricity generation
• Westwind; Wind powered electricity generation
• WD Moore: Wind and solar powered pumping

We also work closely with, and procure from, other Australian and New Zealand machinery manufacturing companies marketing to an International client base.


The Kimseed Group of Companies and members of its management team have representation in the following associations:

• Founder member of Agritec an Association of Agricultural Technology businesses.
• Founder member and conceptual guide for AFAL (Australian Forest and Land Management).
• Member of the Seed Industry Association of Australia
• Founder member of the WA Native Seed Industry Association
• Member of Greening Western Australia
• Member of Goldfields Land Rehabilitation Group (Western Australia)
• Member Australia-Indonesia Business Council Ltd
• Society of Agricultural Engineers
• Environmental Consultants Association
• Australian Forest Growers Association


We are very proud of our awards, the rcognition of our commitment to excellence in our operation is evident in the number of awards that Kimseed has been presented with since its incepion: 

  • Winner, 1998 Small to Medium Manufacturers Export Award for the Western Australian Industry and Export Awards.
  • Finalist, 1998 Austrade Australian Export Awards.
  • BHP Steel Award for Innovation.
  • Winner, 1984 Western Australian Export Award.
  • Winner, 1984 Commonwealth Department of Trade Awards for Outstanding Export Achievement.
  • Greening Australia, John Tonkin Tree Award.
  • Rolex Award for Enterprise.
  • Greening Australia Pioneer Award for Direct Seeding Development.
  • BHP Landcare Research Award.