We highly recommend that you order seed as early as possible to ensure our collection teams know to harvest the seed as and when it becomes available.

Kimseed harvest native vegetation seed through out the Kimberley, Pilbara and Central regions including the Goldfields. Such seed is highly suitable to meet the stringent requirements associated with the rehabilitation and closure on mining or other disturbed sites.

Kimseed can supply companies with provenance seed on request. Seed is harvested to order and is processed by Kimseed ensuring you receive a quality product. Some seed species may not be available due to seasonal conditions. Kimseed aims to find quantities of all seed on order each season however because of all the variables it is generally accepted that alternatives will be offered in place of shortfalls.

Kimseed highly recommends forward ordering. To ensure freshness, where possible Kimseed picks to order and does not carry much surplus stock. The seasonality which controls the seed industry means that once the picking season has passed and no seed is left in stock, there will unlikely be any come available before the next picking season.

The picking season tends to run from but is not restricted to September to February. Orders should be put forward well in advance of September so our pickers can seek potential seed patches. For Triodia we recommend orders be in by December for collection early the following year.

Please click the relevant button below to display sample species lists available for picking in each of the regions (regions are demonstrated on the map)


Kimberley Species

Pilbara Species
Central inc. Goldfields
Triodia Collection