Saltland is capable of supporting a range of productive options. Saltland pastures are one of these. The salt tolerant species we discuss here are indicative of what we supply and is not exhaustive. We encourage you to ask if you do not see the species you require.

There are approx 60 Atriplex species Australia wide. Assessments have been carried out on soil conditions, plant growth and habit, flowering, seed production and ability to produce volunteers, resistance to pests and diseases, water logging tolerances, drought tolerance and resistance to sand lasting. The highest ranked saltbushes were;

  • Atriplex amnicola (River saltbush)
  • Atriplex undulata (Wavy leaf saltbush)
  • Atriplex nummularia (Old man saltbush)
  • Atriplex lentiformis (Quailbrush)

Atriplex Species Detailed Info


Samphire is the common name for native plants from the genus Halosarcia/Tecticornia. Although slower growing than saltbush and bluebush species, samphires have high tolerance to salinity and water logging. Samphires are pioneer species and therefore readily colonise bare disturbed soil, because of this and the fact that they are soil stabilisers, samphire can be used in mine/land rehabilitation sites.

Kimseed often harvests and stocks:

  • Tecticornia pergranulata
  • Tecticornia verrucosa

They are generally low shrubs found in saline environments, dominating rangelands

Kimseed often harvests and stocks:

  • Maireana brevifolia
  • Maireana convexa
  • Maireana georgei
  • Maireana pyramidata
  • Maireana tomentosa
  • Maireana triptera

Maireana Species Detailed Info

 The aforementioned species are suitable for land revegetation in many countries around the world, and are all available for export