Seed Collection / Harvesting Equipment

Kimseed have been pioneers in the development of efficient, robust and easy to operate seed collection equipment for over 30 Years.

All of our machinery is designed and developed 'in house' and manufactured by our experienced staff, using locally sourced materials. We  also  source and supply bespoke specialist machinery from other manufacturers to order as and when requested from our customers.

We have the ability to produce 'one off' trial machines for research use right through to multiple units used by developers and contractors alike.



Kimseed 1.5m & 2m Trailed Brush Harvester

The Kimseed Trailed Brush Harvester provides a simple and effective means of harvesting grass seeds. It is towed by a road vehicle or tractor. As the harvester moves through the pasture, ripened seed is combed upwards off the plants and thrown rearwards into a catchment hopper, giving a relatively clean sample which requires minimal cleaning or processing.
Two models are available with either 1.5 or 2-metre brush (harvesting) width.




Kimseed 1.5m & 2m Front End Loader Brush Harvester

This version of the Brush Harvester can be attached to the front end loader of a small tractor or Bobcat.
Just like the Trailed Brush Harvester, this machine is also available in 1.5 and 2-metre widths.




Kimseed 1.3m ATV Brush Harvester

The Kimseed 1.3m ATV Brush Harvester allows for effective harvesting of grass seeds on a smaller scale or in less accessible areas.




Kimseed Handheld Brush Harvester

The Kimseed Handheld Brush Harvester provides a quick and easy way to harvest small quantities of seed.




Kimseed Vacuum Harvester

This portable machine has been developed to pick up burr, seeds or pods from a variety of seeds including Clovers, Medics, Saltbush, Bluebush, Acacias and some seed grasses directly from the plant or ground.The seed is collected through a 100 mm suction hose, which gently drops the seed into a 200L Drum.Sieves can be supplied to separate the seed once it is collected.