Seed Processing & Treatment Equipment

Kimseed have been pioneers in the development of efficient, robust and easy to operate seed processing equipment for over 30 Years.

All of our machinery is designed and developed 'in house' and manufactured by our experienced staff, using locally sourced materials. We are also able to source and supply bespoke specialist machinery from other manufacturers to order as and when requested from our customers.

We have the ability to produce 'one off' trial machines for research use right through to multiple units used by developers and contractors alike.



Kimseed Vacuum Separator and Multiseed Venturi

Due to its efficiency the Kimseed Vacuum Separator is the machine of choice for most Government Agricultural Departments, Seed Producers and Research Institutions throughout Australia and overseas.

Additional improvements incorporated into our most recent model include a new Venturi Flow Attachment. This makes the unit capable of processing larger volumes resulting in quicker separation and improved Seed Cleaning ability.




Kimseed Vacuum Separator for Canola

The Kimseed Vacuum Separator Canola Model has been specially developed for assessing the quality of canola from a 500gm sample.

Easy to use, quick and dependable made especially for grain traders for use at receival points to achieve the best quality grain possible.




Kimseed ZigZag Aspirator

The high volume Kimseed ZigZag Aspirator is designed to remove material from seeds and to do so quickly and efficiently. The Aspirator will separate seeds and impurities into 4 different groups. Because of it's precise flow adjustments separation can be extremely accurate.




Kimseed Small Aspirator

The Kimseed Small Aspirator is the cheapest and efficient option to clean small amounts of many seeds, in particular Canola.




Kimseed Aluminium Sieves

We have a large range of quality made sieves, designed for easy use, in Aluminium .Kimseed Aluminium Sieves are made with stainless steel mesh screens; therefore they are able to withstand the toughest of working environments. Used by Research Laboratories for efficiently separating a wide variety of materials. Particularly suited for sieving trash from bulky material, such as saltbush in the field.




Kimseed Modular Hand Sieves

Following the principle of our Seed Cleaner Modular Screens, we now offer a Modular Screen System. Using a rectangular frame, screens slide into position allowing a range of screen sizes that can be used with every frame, thus reducing cost and increasing versatility of the frame.


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Kimseed Seed Cleaner MK3

Proven and used in seed research and seed producion laboratories throughout the world for pasture, grain, tree and flower seeds. It has been shown to provide a cleaner sample with a production rate four times better than comparable machines (up to 150kg an hour based on wheat). Constant vibration of a pulse motor causes a smooth, fast flow of seeds across the screens. There is an infinite variation in both the airflow and vibration, which enables precise separation of all seeds. A new magnetic frames for the screen has been recently introduced to make the screens easily replaceable.


Seed Cleaner introduction video

Magnetic screen frames introduction video



Kimseed Multi-Thresher CW09

The KIMSEED Multi THRESHER was designed to meet the requirements of research laboratories and seed merchants to thresh a wide variety of seedpods from cereal grains and grasses to Medics, Clovers and Acacias.  The heads or seedpods are fed via a dust controlled chute into the threshing chamber. In turns the threshed material is force through metering plates or allowed to circulate for manual release. For more information, please feel free to see the below video.


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Kimseed Seed Scarifier

The Kimseed Seed Scarifier is an excellent machine for efficiently improving the germination of a wide range of seed types. It can be floor or bench mounted.




Kimseed Dehuller Scarifier

The Kimseed De-Huller/Scarifier was developed to meet needs in the experimental area of agronomy. The machine effectively and efficiently de-hulls and/or scarifies a wide range of seed types and is especially suited for hard-coated seed types such as Serradella.




Kimseed Rotary Pre Cleaner

The Kimseed Rotary Cleaner was designed to Clean Quickly and Efficiently most Grass Seeds, Grains and other Seeds like Tagasaste. Because of its Portability is ideally suited to be used as Filed Cleaner. Two removable screens make Cleaning easier since Screens can be easily replace by others with different size holes.