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Wholesale seed supply is a major trading activity within Kimseed Australia Pty Ltd. We supply the following to local and export markets:
  • Western Australian Natives
  • Wildflowers
  • Mine/Land Revegetation Provenance Seeds
  • Saltland Tolerant Seeds
  • Procurement of Pasture Seeds

Paramount to our business ethos are:

Our policy on seed purity is to ensure our customers receive clean seed. Through the development of our own seed cleaning and processing equipment we minimise inert matter and maximise value for money. Our reputation as superior native seed merchants is firmly based on the quality of our product.

Quality Control
All seed is cleaned, cut-test for preliminary quality assessment, sealed and stored under appropriate conditions. We have a permanent seed cleaning and processing team using purpose-designed and built machinery.

Viability and Germination Testing
Generally seed viability and germination testing is conducted on client request, certification from independent laboratory testing can be provided. Viability tests will be done on collections of new species and for evaluating viability of older seed stocks.

Kimseed collectors are required to produce data sheets, pressed samples and GPS coordinates for all species collected in order to prove provenance and build on our herbarium. Many of the specimens have been identified using the resources and assistance of the WA Herbarium and the Kimseed library.

Seed Collection
Seed is collected by our own, trained teams or one of our experienced associate contractors. Our collectors operate in a sensitive manner, ensuring that plants and the surrounding environment are left intact. Native seed collection requires an expert botanical knowledge combined with an understanding of the seed maturation process.

Collections are timed to coincide with maturation of seed on the plant. It is collected using various methods such as vacuum harvesting, beating, pruning, handpicking and brush harvesting. These methods are selected and adapted to each species to obtain seed quickly and efficiently, maintaining quality and maximising yields.

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